Fresh food, produced locally
Sts. Thomas' Square,
Every Friday
8am - 2pm
Anglesea Street,
Every Saturday
8.30am - 12.30am

Fresh produce, fresh ideas!

Farmers' Markets are for the more discerning shoppers, those who care about the origin of the food they eat. If you want to purchase quality produce that has been grown, reared, caught, brewed, pickled, baked or otherwise processed by the local stallholder, Island Farmers' Markets are the places to go. They give the public confidence in the origins of the foods and enable them to ask direct questions to the farmers and producers.

With help and financial support from the Island 2000 Trust, local farmers and producers came together on the Isle of Wight to sell their produce directly to the public. Public appreciation of fresh, local produce is constantly growing. The Farmers' Markets give Island shoppers more opportunity to purchase quality seasonal produce, to assist the environment by reducing food miles and to help the Island's economy.

Island Farmers' Markets make shopping a sociable and enjoyable experience and foster a sense of community. This in turn is helping to rejuvenate Isle of Wight town centres and make fresh food more accessible to local customers.

Trading Dates

If you are making as special trip to the market please contact the stall holder to ensure they will be attending the market on that day, we don't want you to be disappointed or have a wasted journey. 

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